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Relationship Maintenance Programme – NEW

I’m offering a set of weekly therapy sessions for 4 or 6 weeks duration.

Focusing on specific ongoing/regular issues which are present in your relationship.

After many years working with relationship dilemmas, I’ve come to realise that the presenting problem(s) which are brought by clients into their therapy sessions have often been in existence and manifesting for a while.

The issues might be varied and complex and have often built up over time, in a slow and chronic manner.

When clients seek therapy, they often arrive in a state of crisis. Something has tipped the balance, the underlying issues have been in place and an accumulation of feelings and thoughts have reached a peak and become overwhelming.

I’ve been thinking about why we wait for the eruption or catastrophe and with this in mind, I am offering clients an opportunity to intervene and try ways of regulating and maintaining their relationship challenges. In essence, it’s a “health check” – for relationships.

How can this be done?

  • By seeking support at intervals within our relationship lifespan perhaps annually or bi-annually.
  • Being open to a brief programme of therapy sessions to focus on specific issues.
  • Having an idea of the issues which might be causing/triggering difficulties (and noting down the feelings and patterns of behaviour, especially if they are repetitive).
  • Committing to a scheduled time in your diary to sit together and fully focus on yourselves in the context of your relationship.


Finding time and space to …..


Can be beneficial and re-set your relationship patterns going forward. For more information please message me.

Pro-action can provide control and awareness.

Re-action can evoke defensiveness and denial.

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