How we work together

I understand how daunting it might feel to make that first step to enquire about therapy sessions… imagining how we might see ourselves sharing and focusing on our issues with a therapist.

Saying that, I feel that it is likely to be the most positive step you can make and already points you towards progress, growth and change.

In our first session, I aim to explore broadly with you the reason for seeking help, the current issues and dilemmas. It is a chance for mutual exchange of thoughts and feelings and at the end of the session you may make a decision to pursue further regular sessions, take time to think about it, seek out other therapists, or I may suggest that other options are more beneficial to you.

Regular sessions are for a 50 minute duration and are most often weekly at a set agreed time and day.

Please see below examples of my current Therapy Contract, which contains all relevant information on our mutual agreement to work together.

My current fees are:


£55 for Individual session

£65 for Couples session


£50 for Individual session

£60 for Couples session

Please make payment at the end of each session either by cash, cheque or BACS.

I allocate some session slots for clients who require low cost therapy options. Please contact me for further details.

To benefit from the talking therapy process, I feel it is important to be committed to the sessions, in terms of making payments and attending on our agreed dates and times.

Consistency is an important factor in the therapy experience and as the process unfolds and develops, we need time to trust, to share and process our thoughts and feelings, at our own pace.

I work intuitively and with the energy and flow of the client(s) and we mutually agree when we feel the process has come to a natural conclusion.

If you have any questions concerning the process, please don’t hesitate to call, text or email me for further information.

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